Onboard into WordPress

Dive into teardowns of popular WordPress products. We lovingly teardown each, give feedback, and dive into principles where they can improve.

What is onboarding?

User onboarding is the process a new user goes through to adopt your product. Think about the first time someone uses your product. They have to go through all the steps to get in, and hopefully they understand how it can help them, the “aha moment”. There are a hundred opportunities where someone can self-select out of that process, and a great onboarding experience can help keep the ideal customers around.

This site is focused specifically on principles for WordPress plugins, but it’s also relevant regardless of the type of digital product you have.


Hi! I’m Joshua Wold, and I started this project to learn about onboarding in WordPress, and look for ways to improve it. I’ve been privileged to work on WordPress and Gutenberg itself as part of the design team, co-led a WordPress release, and built lots of WordPress sites for clients over the last 17 years.

My goal is to find the patterns for onboarding, share them here, and also support product companies in their efforts to improve the experience for users.